Mobile application for owners of domesticated animals and pet business

Choose pets from trustworthy sources, place sale/transfer ads, check the pedigree by DNA tests, monitor the pet’s health, offer pets goods and services

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For the animal care centers and public charities
For pet service/supply distributors
For future owners
For owners
For breeder
About Pet Planet
Place your pets’ sales ads
Submit proven and up-to-date information about your pets (pedigree, DNA-tests for disease susceptibility, medical certificates etc).
Record your pet’s pedigree
Pet Planet will display your pet’s genealogical tree with the links to the accounts of the pet owners.
Transfer the animal and related data to the new owner in a simple and clear way electronically.
This is a good way to check the pet’s breed and communicate with the owners of the pet relatives to share information on various issues (health, character traits, upbringing, training).
Choose proven dogs and cats from verified and trustworthy breeders
At this platform breeders make publicly available all supporting documents, provide access to DNA-based pedigree records, medical records and other information about their pets;
Record your pet’s background and achievements
Track vaccination records, attach soft copies of medical check-up results and medical reports.
Post your pet’s photos and videos, or photos and videos of goods and services your offer
Share information about upcoming exhibitions and events related to pets.
Enjoy benefits offered by Pet Planet Loyalty Program
Get discounts and cashback from the partners (veterinary clinics, pet shops, pet salons etc).
No subscriptions
No functionality you have to pay for (subscription, registration) All functionality is offered free of charge.
Intuitive and user-friendly interface. Convenient and easy search options Quick access to the Loyalty Program.
Easy to use

I’m a breeder

Buy a DNA-test online for the registration of my pet’s offspring’s without visiting a veterinary clinic to have a status of a verified, proven and responsible breeder.
Maintain my breed’s genealogical tree with DNA-testing.
Find verified and trustworthy animal partners for mating.
Attach medical certificates, DNA-tests and other documents for my pet’s offspring’s
Hand my pet’s account over to a new owner.
Hand a pet over to a new owner by signing a contract between the parties.
Use various advertising tools to market my account.
Promote my account by posting photos and videos.
Enjoy special prices to buy DNA-tests online for checking my pet’s susceptibility to diseases
Advantages of Pet Planet

For those who are and those who want to be pet owners

You can find and choose a pet from verified breeders who made all supporting document publicly available at the platform (verification is based on the pet’s DNA).
You can maintain medical records about your pet’s health (vaccination, tests, medical reports etc).
You can find your lost pet by implanted chips and DNA.
You can communicate with all users of the platform (specialists, breeders, shelter owners).
You can get discounts and cashback from the partners (veterinary clinics, pet shops, pet salons etc).
You choose the pet services nearby following the rating and customer feedback (veterinary clinics, groomers, pet boarding services, photographers etc).
Information for pet owners on the rules of pets keeping in the city.
You can make donations for pet shelters and volunteers.
You can post photos and videos with your pets.

For pet shops and pet salo

Posting photos and videos to promote their products and services.
Displaying customer scores and feedback for enhanced loyalty.
Participation in a loyalty program to offer their future customers discounts and cashback.
Efficient advertising at the target platform for pet owners.
Competence acknowledgement (communicating with users, posting expert opinions).
Interviewing the target audience to improve the level of service and the quality of goods.
Advertising campaigns and integrations to attract new customers.
Obtaining statistical data based on different metrics for sales evaluation.
Additional options
Registration for pet shelter and charity foundations
Post photos and videos with your pet shelter or volunteers, share the news, get donations, find good owners for your pets.
Finding lost pets
Pet Planet will send a notification about the lost pet to all users who live near the specified GPS location with a reference to the lost pet’s account.
Finding a trustworthy partner for mating your pet
Add all your pet’s documents and its DNA-susceptibilities, set “Mating” status and use search filters to find verified partners you like.
Pet chipping
Pet Planet runs a database of chipped pets; Chipping is necessary for identification of lost pets and is among the requirements for entry to some EU countries.
Pet genotyping
Pet Planet runs a publicly available database with pets DNA-data Based on DNA-tests it is possible to determine the pet’s pedigree and with 99.9% probability you will be able to identify the lost pet.
Promotional information on various events and competitions
Post your advertising materials; Users will receive information on events through notifications, and find it in the feed and in the news.
We have made a comparative assessment to demonstrate you all advantages of using Pet Planet
Pet Planet mobile app
A single platform offering a full range of services for pet owners.
DNA-based pet verification which is impossible to falsify.
No functionality you have to pay for (subscription, registration etc.) All functionality is offered free of charge.
Broad advertising opportunities for pet businesses.
Enjoy special prices to buy DNA-tests online for checking my pet’s susceptibility to diseases.
Convenient and user-friendly mobile app with all necessary information easily available.
Possibility to choose the pet services nearby following the rating and customer feedback (veterinary clinics, groomers, pet boarding services, photographers etc).
Easy access to consultations with specialists and users at the platform.
Other platforms
No unified approach to maintaining records of the pet’s health and daily life.
No appropriate moderation and verification of users.
You have to pay to place an advertisement.
No up-to-date and efficient advertising tools for related specialists.
No services offering DNA-tests for checking the pet’s susceptibilities, exterior etc.
No convenient mobile applications.
No dedicated tools for searching and choosing qualified services in this field.
No information and search functionality to find trustworthy information, specialists or breeders.
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